/make is a video series and platform for creators, by creators.

Role: Associate Creative Director / Lead Editor / Director
Agency: R/GA
ECD: Bryan Gregg
Creative Director: Nadia Saccardo
Senior Producer: Nick Williams
Director of Photography: Cameron Glendenning
Post-Producer: Jeff Wolfe
Associate Editor: Henry Carroll

As more and more of Gen Z embrace their mobile phones as the main tool for creation, Samsung wanted a way to support their work, teach them new skills, and connect them with other artists.

Each episode of /make paired a pro-creator with an up-and-comer, documenting their creative process as they make something entirely new with their Galaxy.

samsung make

To find the spirit and energy of /make, we prototyped a series trailer.

A collage of mixed media footage: commercial, UGC and a toolkit of series-defining motion graphics.
cory - make

Pilot episode

The team shot a marathon production in Iceland at epic locations.

The challenge - hone hours and hours of verite style footage into a story that is compelling, nails the strategic brief, and embodies the spirit of the trailer.

Time to scale.

10 episodes in nine months with tons of social content per episode.

Managing simultaneous edits of parallel editors and motion-designers, all while the team preps the nextshoot.

We cut trailers for YouTube’s global masthead and the episode content was utilized for live events, /make merch and a party at Art Basel. /make won a YouTube works award and achieved the key strategic brief, capture the attention of Gen Z.

My role began as lead editor and expanded with the increased tempo and scope of the series. In collaboration with the lead creatives, I helped a team of talented editors craft episode stories, motion-designers advance the /make identity, while cutting key scenes and full episodes. The edits generated a feedback loop, giving us key insights into the concept and prep phase of episodes.

I directed /make with Brian and Scott Nicholson and, in collaboration with the team, helped break the story.

A key focus was to stage situations to spark aconnection between the talent on set and inspire them to create.

Click here to view /make with Brian and Scott Nicholson.

/make with Nigel Sylvester (Excerpt 1)
/make with Nigel Sylvester (Excerpt 2)
/make with Connor Franta (Excerpt 1)
/make with Brian and Scott Nicholson (Excerpt)
/make with Cory RIchards (Excerpt)
/make with Connor Franta (Excerpt 2)
All Episodes
full episode
/make with Connor Franta
YouTube star turned professional photographer shows how he captured Could Ever for his debut album.
full episode
/make with Nigel Sylvester
Nigel Sylvester shows you how to scout a new city and connect with local culture.
full episode
/make with Cory Richards
This Nat Geo photographer shows how he tackles a one-day shoot in Iceland.
full episode
/make with Brian and Scott Nicholson
Superstar choreographers show you how to concept and create a dance video with the Galaxy.
full episode
/make with Alicia Ward
Photographer and conservationist takes us to the depths of Hawaii to show how she snaps underwater wildlife.
full episode
/make with Issa Rae
Issa Rae and Color Creative show how they make a short thriller on the streets of LA.
full episode
/make with Victoria Siemer
Visual artist and instagram maven shows how she captures and edits all of her work with her Galaxy.
full episode
/make with Alfredo Flores
Alfredo Flores shows how he captures candid moments on the set of his music video.
full episode
/make with Anna Akana
This popular YouTuber shows how she makes her videos on the road, from scratch.
full episode
/make with Sorelle Amore
Self-portrait specialist and world travel shows how selfies can fuel self-confidence and artistic expression, all with her Galaxy.