Samsung /make
series trailer | 10 episodes

/make is a new series for creators, by creators.

As more and more photographers and filmmakers embrace their mobile phone as the main tool for creation, Samsung wanted a way to support their work, teach them new skills, and connect them with other artists.

Each episode of /make features one of today's most influential creators – Emmy-nominee Issa Rae, Nat. Geo. photographer Cory Richards, photographer/producer Connor Franta – and pairs them with an up-and-comer, documenting their creative process as they make something entirely with their Galaxy.

The 10 episode series was produced by R/GA Studios with Bryan Gregg leading the project as ECD and Nadia Saccardo as creative director.

During the pitch and pilot episode, Randy worked with the creative team to develop the look, feel and story of /make.

In his role as associate creative director and lead editor on the project, he oversaw a team of editors, motion graphics designers and VFX artists to deliver ten episodes over a period of nine months. Randy directed /make with Brian and Scott Nicholson.

/make with Connor Franta
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/make with Connor Franta